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Searching for the Kingdom Key (Volume 1)

Searching for the Kingdom Key (Volume 1)

Formato original:Paperback 414 páginas.
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Etiquetas: Fantasy  Dark 
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13 OCT
Tyler Brooks always knew Earth was small and insignificant. Looking to the sky, knowing there was more, she could not have guessed at her future for all the riches in the galaxy. Unexpected psionic abilities emerge whether she wants them or not, and she is thrust into a galactic society she didn't know existed. Stepping onto a space station for the first time, knowing no one, she has more enemies than friends...and a host of would-be lovers she finds hard to keep at arm's length. She is forced to sink or swim on her own, not knowing who to trust. It sure seems like no one is willing to help unless it benefits them or their private agenda. Who is the enemy and who the lover? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Everyone has their secrets, their schemes. They all want to own her or control her...or kill her. She has to put together the puzzle of her existence when no one else wants her to.

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